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Eat It and Beat It - A Food And Porn Podcast

A Food And Porn Podcast

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Posted: Tuesday November 14, 2017

Join your INTREPID HOSTS - Dario Gonzalez and Chris Honeywell as they pay tribute to TWO TOWERING FIGURES in American culture! GEORGE HERTER - entrepeneur, history buff, traveller, gourmand and GENUINE CURMUDGEON! RUSS MEYER - veteran, writer, BUSOMANIAC, outlaw filmmaker, photographer and unrepentent pornographer!Join Dario and Chris as they take a look at the P.T. BARNUM side of food and porn!


Posted: Saturday October 14, 2017

The AWKWARDNESS METER gets PEGGED in this episode recorded LIVE in Queens, NY on an earlier date as Dario Gonzalez, Chris "The Hair Metal Hero" Tyler and Chris Honeywell watch a REAL, LIVE PORNO MOVIE in GARAGE #9 on a balmy late Summer day!WARNING - This is pretty much the definition of NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Put your headphones on, pull the covers over your head and be prepared to be transported into a WORLD OF MAGIC! As long as you are 18 OR OVER!


Posted: Thursday September 14, 2017

Join hosts DARIO GONZALEZ and CHRIS HONEYWELL as Dario hosts a PIG ROAST. This is part one of the END OF SUMMER SPECTACULAR coming to you LIVE from Kew, Gardens, Queens - NYC! Your hosts (and their guests) don't just TALK FOOD - THEY MAKE IT RIGHT IN YOUR EARS! SUCKLING PIG - SALSA - PIZZA - SPECIAL GUESTS and MORE MORE MORE!!!!Come back next time for the LIVE BEAT IT SPECIAL!


Posted: Monday August 14, 2017

Welcome to EAT IT & BEAT IT - and you SHOULD!This month, hosts Dario Gonzalez and Chris Honeywell, in a BREATH of fresh air, exercise restraint and count their calories! But DON'T WORRY - they haven't gone completely SOFT - it's not completely EAT-LESS or BEAT-LESS! Everyone GETS FED and GETS OFF or TRIPLE YOUR MONEY BACK!


Posted: Friday July 14, 2017

Join Dario Gonzalez and Chris Honeywell as they GO SOUTH for an EXTRA SPICY episode! TIJUANA know what's going on? Is the HAIR on your PALMS not growing fast enough? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This BURRITO is WET!


Posted: Sunday May 14, 2017

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! In honor of this great holiday, your hosts DARIO GONZALEZ and CHRIS HONEYWELL bring on their FIRST GUEST - THE HAIR METAL HERO aka THE HAIR METAL HERO aka CHEF BOY HOWDY! You know the FORMAT and you know what day it is, so SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE for a MOTHER'S DAY FEAST!


Posted: Tuesday April 11, 2017

EAT IT & BEAT IT is BACK, with your hosts DARIO GONZALEZ and CHRIS HONEYWELL ask two primal and universal questions - What exactly defines "PIZZA"? and - What would you do if your CLITORIS was situated in the BACK OF YOUR THROAT? These are the things humanity ponders as it lies on it's back gazing at the night sky and confronting infinity!We hear two tales of PIPE ORGAN RELATED FUN, Chris COMES CLEAN on a past CRIME and Dario get's CAUGHT IN A COCA-COLA SURPRISE! That's right, settle back, RELAX YOUR MUSCLES and prepare for an evening of PIZZA AND DEEP THROAT!


Posted: Tuesday March 7, 2017

EAT IT & BEAT IT IS BACK! Join your stalwart hosts DARIO GONZALEZ and CHRIS HONEYWELL as they ride the THIN LINE between FOOD and SEX and come out the other side a little fatter and in need of a shower!This month, the boys go BACK TO THE SOURCE, with most people's first food - MILK! THEN - they go back in time to when your porn was held together with STAPLES and the sun never set on the filth because there were TWO, GIGANTIC, SAGGING SUNS! YES - YOU GUESSED IT - we are talking about JUGGS MAGAZINE!!BONUS - Luke Jaconetti invites you to SWEAT AND SALVATION at SAINT FABIAN'S!


Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Welcome to the PREMIER EPISODE of Eat It & Beat It - the podcast of FOOD AND PORN! This week join Dario Gonzalez and Chris Honeywell as they use the top half of the show to trace their CULINARY OBSESSIONS and then use the bottom half of the show for more NEFARIOUS PURPOSES! HEY - NO SHAME HERE! What happens in Eat It & Beat It STAYS in Eat It & Beat It! Food and porn - two things that get passed down through families!