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Fear the Walking Deadcast

Fear the Walking Dead is examining new characters and locations in Robert Kirkman's undead apocalypse, and now the Fear the Walking Deadcast is available in the Two True Freaks main feed at last. Produced by Scott McGregor, Fear the Walking Deadcast will do a weekly recap of every episode todate with commentary and fun discussion by Scott and other veteran podcasters like Brian and Beth Hughes, Sara Tonin and Professor Alan Middleton. Plus we welcome any other moldy corpses that should happen to shamble upon our Skype call. This podcast will include the episodes recorded as Five Minute Freaks and in Mindless Drivel, all assembled in one nice zombie proof stronghold for you. So gather your fellow survivors and join us weekly on the Two True Freaks network.

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Posted: Sunday March 26, 2017

This week Scott is joined by special guest David Pascarella (The guy that listens to our show, but doesnt watch The Walking Dead. I wasnt making that shit up) to recap episode fourteen of season seven. Things are getting tense at Hilltop as the Saviors come to call to look for someone and Gregory is teetering on the edge of betraying the Alexandrians he has hidden there. Meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha are off on their suicide mission to take out the bad man with the bat. Will they find Eugene helpful or has he gone full Negan? Still rolling on to war and it may have been kicked off this episode so join us on your Fear the Walking Deadcast!


Posted: Sunday March 19, 2017

Mike and Scott continue their coverage of season seven of The Walking Dead with a recap of lucky episode thirteen. It doesnt end up so lucky for The Kingdom , however, as tensions with The Saviors escalate and the innocent and not so innocent may be lost. Will this be the event to draw Ezekiel into the fray? We also see Morgans story take a turn and Carol decides she cant be there and not there anymore so move it on over Shiva, Daddy E might have a new house guest. It a fun episode full of fresh produce and squishy zombies. The street sign up ahead says “Bury Me Here”, or maybe it just says Clear, on your Fear the Walking Deadcast.


Posted: Sunday March 12, 2017

Its the Rick and Michonne sexy searching road show this week as Scott and Mike recap episode twelve of the seventh season of The Walking Dead. RickChonne is finding and fucking their way across the apocalypse in search of guns for the trash heap people. They even stop to enjoy a country fair along the way, but be careful of that Ferris wheel Rick and always keep a bad computer generated deer handy just in case you need to throw something to a herd of walkers. Back at Alexandria, Rosita is becoming worse with the meanness and suicide mission talk and Tara is using poor Judith as her personal therapist. Cue the Peter Gabriel music and “Say, Yes” to this John Hughesesque romantic romp for our two main heroes. And remember kids, if youre going to stand on an unstable roof in the apocalypse, at least make sure youre invulnerable like Rick and Michonne.


Posted: Saturday March 4, 2017

Scott, Mike and Sara are back with a recap of season seven episode eleven of The Walking Dead and we get a break from the war effort with What Eugene did on his summer vacation at the Sanctuary. Bullet boy is brought to Negan to prove hes worthy to keep around. Will Eugene botch the role or will he throw on his big boy acting pants and con the man with the bat? Or is it a con at all? Eugene just has to invent a couple things and he could be on easy street. Also, a we get some more time with Dwight who is sent on a search for his escaped ex (and Negans current) wife Sherry who escaped after the DarExit. The season is heating up and so is Negans furnace. Its fun with video games and lessons on how to be an aggressive shopper that could be helpful next Black Friday! And dont forget young Padawans, Fear leads to crying, crying leads to lying and lying gets you pickles! Come to the Negan side!


Posted: Sunday February 26, 2017

Sara, Mike and Scott discuss episode ten this week as Rick and company find some new best friends in the form of the (Trash) Heapsters. Led by the mysterious, and barely comprehensible, Jadis. This Borg like collective of collectors of other peoples stuff would certainly fill Ricks armys ranks in short order. Sadly, Ricks creepy ass smile isnt enough to win them over and things will get a little spiky before he can. Back at the Kingdom we get the Richard and Daryl roadshow and two, count them two reunions for our favorite Dixon brother; and all the feels for both. Bonus awesome scenes this week: Jerry with cobbler and Daryl with tiger! Tune in! The war is getting closer.


Posted: Sunday February 19, 2017

Season seven of The Walking Dead is back and Scott is joined by Professor Alan Middleton, Sara Tonin and Mike Zummo to recap and discuss episode nine. There are rocks on the road, both metaphorical and vehicular this episode as the Rick Grimes Diplomacy Tour begins. Rick needs to raise an army so none of the main characters die in the upcoming war with Negan. Will they get help from King Ezekiel? Will Gregory find his balls in a closet and commit The Hilltops finely honed force of sorghum farmers? Tune in to your Fear the Walking Deadcast to find out! Three words: Zombie Cheese Slicer!


Posted: Sunday February 12, 2017

It's a special episode of your Fear the Walking Deadcast just in time for the return of the second half of the seventh season. Scott gives the usual band of survivors the week off to keep their Walking Dead comic minds unspoiled, as he is joined by Matthew Keller and founding Freak Chris Honeywell to have a chat about the books that are the source of our favorite TV zombie hi-jinks. Spoilers for the show and the comics are plentiful so beware! Scott, Matt and Chris talk about how and when they started reading the books, what some of their favorite page to screen characters are and which ones didn't translate so well. They also speculate about how the show will handle upcoming story lines from the book and how the ones they've shown us already could have been done better. Bonus discussion about some other zombie properties you might be interested to learn about and which Charlie Brooker created show you can look up to see a mayor having relations with a pig; Because we knew that's something you were looking for. Back with the regular show recaps next week!


Posted: Tuesday December 20, 2016

It's mid-season finale time as Scott, Mike, Brian and special guest Professor Alan Middleton talk about episode eight of season seven. Rick and Aaron are paddling through zombie swamp, Spencer is trying to make a new buddy in Negan and Rosita is still planning her suicide shot at the big man. Michonne is off doing some recon. Daryl goes feral with Fat Joey and Jesus is still just everywhere. Negan is enjoying some lemonade and cooking us dinner so don't miss it because you know someone's going to die. Happy Holidays from your Fear the Walking Deadcast. See you again in February!!!


Posted: Saturday December 10, 2016

It's episode seven of season seven and Mike, Scott and a slightly tardy Brian recap this week and we check in with a lot of our main characters. We join Rambo Carl and Ninja Jesus at Sanctuary and Carl gets the grand tour and some fatherly advice/psychological torture by Negan. Michonne and Rosita are planning their suicide revenge runs and Aaron and Rick are out desperately looking for supplies to satisfy the saviors. Spencer is a jerk, but surprisingly competent, Father Gabriel absolves sin like a boss and someone in Negan's harem is being unfaithful. One episode until the mid-season finale so listen while the iron is hot and check out the best collection of boobs in the apocalypse on your Fear the Walking Deadcast!


Posted: Thursday December 8, 2016

This week we swear to give you an interesting recap and review of the sixth episode of season seven of The Walking Dead. It's getting close to the mid-season finale and the show is spinning its wheels a bit, or getting washed up on a beach of Amazon Island. Scott, Mike and Brian discuss Tara's trip to the Oceanside colony where all the men are mysteriously missing and the residents have a strict (until now) shoot first and then shoot again greeting policy. Then they shoot again and then once more then they have to just capture you because they're horrible "Stormtrooper" level markswomen. But I digress. We also get a brief glimpse of mopey Heath before he goes off to his other job on a different network. It's fun in the surf and sun and no Abigail to rescue us from it on another Fear the Walking Deadcast.


Posted: Friday December 2, 2016

Scott, Brian, Mike and Sara act like real "Go Getters" this week as they talk about episode five of this season of The Walking Dead as we finally join Maggie and Sasha back at the Hilltop. Gregory is being skeevy, Maggie and Sasha are still mourning and Jesus just wants to save everybody (it's kind of his thing). If you don't want a black eye, don't forget, it's not Martha, Martha, Martha in this dysfunctional family, it's Rhee, Maggie Rhee, Queen of the apocalypse atop a tractor chariot. Also!: Bonus teenage roller disco love for Carl and Enid!


Posted: Sunday November 20, 2016

Scott, Mike, Sara and Brian recap episode four of season seven of the Walking Dead this week as we head back to Alexandria for a way too extensive shopping trip by Negan and the gang. The Saviors are coming to take Rick's guns, will he go full Charlton Heston on them or will he give up all their defenses to his new douchey overlord. Also we get another appearance from "Silent Daryl" (Still Daryl) and creepy Dwight and Father Gabriel gets to be "Creepy as shit!" Don't forget to keep an accurate inventory in the apocalypse and if you need a new mattress there's a fire sale out on highway 6.


Posted: Sunday November 13, 2016

The Hughes take the week off so Scott, Mike and Sara chat up the 3rd episode of this season of the Walking Dead as we get to see the home base of Negan and the Saviors. It's all naked Daryl all the time, but in a less sexy and more eating dog food sandwiches kind of way. We also get to know our resident prison warden Dwight a lot better and Negan comes in to chew some scenery as well. Don't forget to stick around after the podcast for our fine musical choice of the week and just put that sucker on a loop.


Posted: Friday November 4, 2016

This week our group of podcasting survivors get a respite from the tension of game mean Negan and we check in on the Morgan and Carol roadshow as we meet the colorful residents of The Kingdom and their enigmatic ruler Ezekiel. Oh, there's also a giant freaking tiger named Shiva, so we got that going for us. Pigs are herded, Saviors are paid and pomegranates are offered (Boom chicka-wow-wow) in this much more mellow and medieval episode as we get to see one of the new worlds that season seven has in store for us. It's fruit time! So listen, don't listen or don't listen and not don't listen (?), but bring your Dylan sheet music and sing along with us on your Fear the Walking Deadcast.


Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Scott, Sara, Brian, Beth and Mike gather for a group therapy session after we finally get the big reveal of who meets a grisly end courtesy of Negan's barbed wire bat. With actual live reactions to the show from Scott and Sara and Mike, our group of podcasting survivors gathered literally right after the first episode of the seventh season airs so they can bring you all the trauma and tears. Predictions are made about the upcoming season, anger is vented and hearty f*ck yous are given to the group of magnificent bastards that created this horrible and wildly entertaining thing we love. So hold someone you love and experience our dread and sadness vicariously on your ongoing Fear the Walking Deadcast.


Posted: Friday October 21, 2016

The Fear the Walking Deadcast crew gather once again to launch our coverage of the upcoming 7th season of The Walking Dead. When we left our group of east coast survivors, it was the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and batting for The Saviors is a guy named Negan looking for that grand slam. Someone on Rick Grimes team's head is going over the centerfield wall and Scott, Beth, Brian, Sara and Mike are munching on peanuts and trying to hail the beer guy before the final pitch. It's a rousing discussion about their history with both the comic and the TV show, predictions and poll results about who Negan's victim will be and how much therapy we think we'll need afterwards. So join us for a long walk down our memory lanes about the characters, drama and gore that make this one of our favorite shows. Also included at no extra cost are the usual tangents about True Blood, radio, Penny Dreadful and deep frying children. This podcast is spoiler heavy for everything up to the season 7 premiere so new viewers beware! Your Fear the Walking Deadcast is now bringing you the apocalypse on two fronts! Grab your favorite Louisville Slugger and come join the fun!


Posted: Friday October 7, 2016

We have come to the end of another season of Fear the Walking Dead and Brian, Beth and Scott have gathered some extra survivors to help them recap episodes 14 and 15. Returning is Professor Alan Middleton and Sara Tonin and for the first time on this podcast we'd like to welcome Mike Zummo. Join us as we find out what happens when the Dudebros show up at the hotel without Chris. Find out if Alejandro is truly an apocalypse messiah or a dangerous false prophet. See if Ofelia finds her destination back in the states. All good things must come to an end, but this podcast won't just because this season has. We will be covering the Walking Dead mother ship show starting in a couple weeks. For now, come with us as we send this season off with some great discussion and even better homemade zombie noises (Seriously, wait until you hear my awesome co-hosts). It's your Fear the Walking Deadcast. Buckle up, there's a really bad driver at the wheel.


Posted: Sunday October 2, 2016

It's a jumbo sized apocalypse sandwich this week as Beth, Brian and Scott recap the penultimate episode of the second season. Madison is dealing with the immediate consequences of her little lighthouse stunt from last week, Alicia is tending to things like a boss and apparently Strand is drunk in the bar because we never see him. Checking in on our hot new boy band, Chris and the Pragmatic Psychopaths, we find Travis trying to remain humane in the face of his son's increasingly disturbing nature as he struggles with the hold the Dudebros have over him. There's anguish over writing choices, death pool predictions and because no McGregor production can go too long without a good tangent or two, we give you some rants about ants, fights for sea monkey rights and plenty of good ole' fashioned Two True Freaks comic talk (Sorry again Beth). Inevitable main character deaths are nigh, listen to your Fear the Walking Deadcast and we'll get through this thing together. Kum by yah my walkers, kum by yah!Don't forget to email us at and please put fear the walking deacast in the subject line.


Posted: Saturday September 24, 2016

Recapping episode 12 of season two and Brain, Beth and Scott are joined by Sara Tonin who has been the caretaker of the Rosarito Beach Hotel all along, but she's been relaxing in the Jacuzzi for the last few episodes. The crew at the Hotel are making it home and hopefully turning down a few more rooms as the may soon have more reservations. Over at La Colonia, desertions are happening from Alejandro's happy cult and he isn't happy. Nick learns who wears the pants in his new relationship and Ofelia is off on a trip down memory lane. Don't look back or you'll turn into a pillar of stupid this week on your Fear the Walking Deadcast!


Posted: Friday September 16, 2016

Professor Alan Middleton has paddled his way back onto the podcast just as Brian, Beth and Scott are preparing to have a walker lemming party at the pier. Join our four survivors this week as we peek into the happenings at La Colonia as Nick demonstrates his junkie superpowers for Alejandro and finds some chemistry (pharmacy?) with Luciana. Meanwhile back at the Overlook, Tijuana we find out how the drunken duo survived and Madison takes charge of negotiations between the hotel staff and angry customers. It's a great recap of one of the best episodes of the series so far. So join us for some awesome Pied Pipering, personality tests with sexy results and a discussion of what barbecue sauce would go best with roasted Scott on your Fear the Walking Deadcast!

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Posted: Friday September 9, 2016

Scott, Beth and Brian are back again this week for a family vacation as they recap the 10th episode of season two, "Do not disturb". Travis and Chris go shopping for a family truckster and end up starting a Boy Band, Alisha meets some of the Overlook Hotel's staff as she prepares to kick some walker tail and hopefully save her mom and we get to see the Kirkman version of a "Red Wedding". Is Ofelia still missing? Will "Chris and the Dudebros" career take off or will Travis end up being their "Yoko"? Will Scott, Brian and Beth make it until the season premiere of the other show without having panic attacks? The answers to all of these questions or none of them this week on your Fear the Walking Deadcast. Bonus: Brian gives us hints about his shady, clandestine past where he was engaged in things he'd probably have to kill us for if we asked him too many details about.


Posted: Friday September 2, 2016

Brain, Beth and Scott are vacationing south of the border (no, not a euphemism) and recapping season two episode nine this week With the cruise ship leaving us in port we check into Tijuana's version of the Overlook Hotel and enjoy a complimentary Mexican breakfast with delicious human chirizo at La Colonia's finest restaurant. Later we go shopping at the ApocalypseMart for some supplies and then back to enjoy a hot shower and the bar where nobody knows your name (because they're all dead, duh) but the tequila is flowing and so are the backstories (also not a euphemism). Finally, we're off to midnight mass to confess our sins at Alejandro's Church of the Recently Deceased. It's an extra long Fear the Walking Deadcast with extra tangents, some show housekeeping and continued speculation about the interesting twists the show is throwing us. It's raining men, hallelujah, don't forget to eat the piano man.

You can email us with questions or comments at Please put Fear the walking deadmail in the subject line.


Posted: Friday August 26, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead recaps with Scott McGregor and Brian and Beth Hughes return for the second half of the second season. Now as an official Two True Freaks show, Fear the Walking Deadcast will bring you a weekly review all season long and we might even cross the border into The Walking Dead proper if we think our emotions can handle it. This week we find Nick on his own and headed to Tijuana for a rousing road trip to find some new undead buddies and the living people who love them. Dogs are killed (You assholes AMC), bandits shoot badly and zombie fiction meets Pulp Fiction. So join us as Nick goes into the wild of the Mexican countryside and learns that his Los Angeles addict survival skills don't necessarily work on the open desert road.


Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016

Well, we tried to cut him loose, but Professor Alan Middleton managed to paddle himself back to our Fear the Walking Dead recaps just in time for the mid-season finale. The Professor joins Scott, Beth, Brian and Sara as they talk about the rapidly changing situation at Walker Winery. Celia is pissed that Strand didn't let Thomas become part of her collection as Chris gets lost in the wasteland trying to find himself and Travis runs after him without shoes. Meanwhile, Madison is trying to hold things together, Nick may be drinking Celia's Kool Aid (AKA Posole) and Daniel is having some ghostly visitations and horrible dreams. We don't need no firemen let this M*ther F*cker burn! Join us for another Five Minute Fear.


Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2016

The usual sailors: Scott, Brian, Beth and Sara find themselves land locked this week as they continue their recaps of season 2 with a review of an exciting and somehow familiar episode. Several of our cast member's shit seems to be getting lost in this episode as we finally arrive at the compound Victor Strand has been trying to get to since the beginning. Thomas awaits, but so does the mysterious Celia. Chris may be losing his grip and Nick has had enough death. Daniel is looking rough and Travis is still kind of an idiot, but the women of the group are kicking ass and taking names; Much like the fierce ladies we have on this very podcast.(Yes, I know flattery will get me nowhere) Daughters are doing it for themselves because the men around them are all acting like psychos. We discuss walker metaphysics with Celia and Daniel goes snooping and finds Herschel's Farm. The Minnow must be docked and locked because it's all inland fun this week on a Five Minute Fear the Walking Dead.


Posted: Wednesday May 11, 2016

Sara is back in the Minnow this week to recap episode 5 "Captive" with Scott, Brian and Beth as we see what happened since Connor's band of merry pirates took Alicia and Travis and left the rest of our seafaring clan with the murderous, but now gravely injured, Reed. Jack is giving Alicia pirate training, Travis meets someone he probably thought had floated away and Daniel plays doctor instead of torturer for a change. Meanwhile, Luiz is upset, Strand is still recovering from his dip in the briny deep and Madison takes control. So join us again as we help the kids work on their headshots and remember: You don't go sailing away with a man you just met in the apocalypse, especially if he's wearing a topknot.

We would love to hear your feedback on the recaps along with favorite characters, predictions and (hopefully) constructive criticisms of the hosts. Email us at thanks for listening!


Posted: Thursday May 5, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead season two recaps continue as Scott McGregor and Brian and Beth Hughes discuss the fourth episode "Blood in the Streets"Sadly Sara Tonin was lost overboard this week, but we threw her a raft so she should be back. This week finds the crew of the Minnow meeting new friends and influencing people, we learn some vital backstory about the mysterious Victor Strand and Nick takes a stroll in his walker guts camo. Tension builds, men kiss and we meet Pirate Radio Jack Sparrow and Connor McMeglomaniac. So hotwire yourself a yacht and join us in the turbulent waters of a Five Minute Fear the Walking Dead!


Posted: Wednesday April 27, 2016

Our recaps of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead continue with a panel discussion review of episode 3: "Ouroboros". Scott McGregor, Sara Tonin and Brian and Beth Hughes discuss survival yacht plumbing problems, the yard sale from Hell and why they think Captain Strand is taking the "Minnow" to Mexico. Fan theories abound, nits are picked and Scott misses a vital Pulp Fiction Easter egg to his shame. Don't forget: Gingers do not make good flotation devices until they become bloaters and if it's brown don't try to flush it down. All ashore that's going ashore!


Posted: Wednesday April 20, 2016

Join Professor Alan Middleton and Scott McGregor as they talk about the first two episodes of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. Alan and Scott discuss the dangers of radio boyfriends, water zombies and Power Pills for children as Fear the Walking Dead moves its motley crew onto a stylish yacht owned(?) by the mysterious Victor Strand after the fall of Los Angeles. Make sure to always wear your life jacket in this special edition Five Minute Freak!


Posted: Tuesday October 6, 2015

Scott and Sara review the relentless final episode of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead and it's all they hoped the slow burn of five episodes would lead to. Los Angeles has fallen, the military has bugged out and all that is left for the Clarks, Salazars and Chris to do is try to rescue their loved ones. Thrill to Daniel the zombie Pied Piper, soldiers that need to learn to conserve ammo and survival tips from the mysterious and merciless Mr. Strand. Travis finally snaps, Nick realizes this is his kind of world and Chris steps up against the man to protect Alicia. This episode was so dense with action and character moments that Scott and Sara completely forgot to talk about an important main character death. We plead apocalypse trauma. Don't judge. That's a wrap on civilization folks. Remember: "The only way to survive the mad world is to embrace the madness".


Posted: Tuesday September 29, 2015

Scott and Sara discuss the penultimate episode of AMC's Walking Dead spinoff series without the benefit of a good night's sleep or a decent (flu) coffee shot. Things are seemingly calm in the burbs of Los Angeles but Sergeant Shithead and the National Guard are making people feel uneasy. Sara and Scott try to process this chapter of the zombpocalypse freshly after experiencing the Demon Barber of Salazar Street, Travis' big sniping day out and The first of hopefully many adventures for Nick Pukeopolis and Insurance Guy. Madison continues her quick trip to becoming born again hard soccer mom and Alicia and Chris play dress up and destroy. It's another busy day at the end of the world, come put your feet up and enjoy the drivel.


Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Scott and Sara's continuing coverage of Fear the Walking Dead reaches episode four where we find the Clark and Salazar families adjusting to their new "Gated Community" under the protection of the National Guard. Can life return to normal for residents of Woodbury West or are there nefarious plans afoot? Has Nick finally kicked? Will Travis have to call Child Protection Services on Madison? Also, find out how you can reach your dreams of being a medical professional just by having the world end around you and hear charming stories about a childhood in El Salvador from resident mysterious badass Daniel. So, borrow yourself a friend's morphine drip and sit back for another fearful Mindless Drivel.


Posted: Saturday September 19, 2015

Scott and Sara review episode three of the AMC series that finds our protagonists fighting to get out of a rapidly deteriorating situation in Los Angeles. Will the Clark family (With special guests Travis and his other family) and the Salazars be able to coexist? Will any of our main characters actually act like they have front row tickets for the end of the world? Will Scott ever stop calling Nick, Junkie Johnny Depp? Did you remember to get your flu shot? Some of these questions or maybe none of them will be answered on a special Mindless Drivel as we continue our coverage of Fear the Walking Dead. Also, find out why working at the Overlook Hotel does not make for good skype recordings. It's the night the lights went out in LA kids, keep the dog on a leash and break out the Monopoly board.


Posted: Monday August 31, 2015

In a special Mindless Drivel, Scott and Sara review episode two of Fear the Walking Dead and give their thoughts on how the story is progressing, writing issues and predictions of how this very different look at the Walking Dead TV universe will play out. Thrill to Junkie Johnny Depp puking, bitten boyfriends and Scott stressing about controversy that hasn't even happened yet (It's kind of his thing). Los Angeles is falling so come on in, the zombpocalypse is warm.


Posted: Tuesday August 25, 2015

Sara Tonin and Scott McGregor review the first episode of AMC's spinoff show "Fear the Walking Dead". Thrill to their discussion of a zombieless zombie show, why Junkie Johnny Depp walks that way and if a Walking Dead "Prequel" can have the same teeth as its parent (See what I did there?). Don't forget to get your flu shots kids and join us for an amusing coffee deficient talk on the pilot episode that shows us the beginning of the end of the world, at least as far as Robert Kirkman sees it.