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Posted: Wednesday November 23, 2016

It's time to be big damn heroes. Mal and the crew discover River's secret and find there's a difference between fighting for survival and fighting for what's right. Andrew, Bill and Paul are joined by Blaine Dowler for the final episode of Keep 'Em Flying looking at SERENITY, the movie and the comics that trailed in its wake.


Posted: Thursday November 10, 2016

After only 14 episodes, FIREFLY comes to an end. Does that seem right to you?


Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2016

Lessen you're already married, companionship can be hard to come by out in the 'verse. So when Mal and Co are offered a nice, cushy job protectin' some friendly women of easy virtue, all seems well. Until the catch rears its ugly head and the crew of Serenity need to cowboy up. They deal in lead, friend. It's HEART OF GOLD, the penultimate episode of FIREFLY.


Posted: Thursday October 13, 2016

Mail Call! Jayne, you got this manly hat. Zoe and Mal? You got a dead guy! Even in the black, the post office is screwing up the order but that's OK 'cause the crew of Serenity will deliver it for you, orders be damned. And the crew of Keep 'Em Flying will deliver unto you a shiny new episode, a tad late but fully formed. Because when you can't walk, you crawl and when you can't crawl you get somebody to carry you. And when you forget to release your show on time, you get somebody to kick you up the ass! What are friends for? It's THE MESSAGE, the 11th episode of FIREFLY.


Posted: Wednesday September 28, 2016

Out in the black, there's plenty of folks you shouldn't turn your back on. None more enticing though than a fine figure of womanhood offering to hold a man's plough. Yes, Saffron's back with a score so large it's too much for one to tackle so she ups and offers a truce to Mal and the crew. Can she be trusted? Or will Mal be left with naught but the clothes on his back? It's TRASH, the 11th episode of FIREFLY.


Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2016

Mal don't hold with grudges. Complicate matters. Niska? Well, he ain't so big on forgive and forget so when the crew of Serenity cross trails with the criminal mastermind once again, there's torture fun aplenty as Niska exacts painful vengeance. Mal and Wash swap WAR STORIES and Paul, Bill and Andy watch intently as the 10th episode of Firefly unspools.


Posted: Wednesday September 7, 2016

It's time for crime! Skullduggery is the order of the day as a raid on an Alliance Hospital takes a nasty turn when some varmint turns traitor. Mal ain't taking that lying down! Paul, Shepard Bill and Andrew are joined by Scott McGregor to discuss ARIEL, the 9th episode of FIREFLY.


Posted: Thursday August 18, 2016

Nothin' and no-one are out in the black, a slight problem when your compression coil 'ain't compressin' no more. With no hope of rescue, is it time for Mal to go down with his boat? Andrew, Paul and Bill watch OUT OF GAS, the 7th (and possibly finest?) episode of FIREFLY!


Posted: Wednesday August 3, 2016

Heroes 'ain't what they used to be or so Mal and the crew discover on a backwater world where Jayne Cobb is known as a folk-legend rather than the ruttin' man-ape the crew know him to be. It's a spectacle that warrants some consideration and as such, it's given fair dues by Paul, Bill and Andrew as they view JAYNESTOWN, the 7th episode of FIREFLY.


Posted: Wednesday July 20, 2016

Ain't nobody in the 'verse can stop Serenity's crew - unless that body happens to belong to Saffron! Mal gets wed when Andrew, Paul and Shepard Bill watch OUR MRS REYNOLDS, the 6th episode of FIREFLY!


Posted: Wednesday July 6, 2016

There's hill folk looking to burn River for being a witch in Safe, Episode 5 of FIREFLY. Time for our brave crew to prevent some burnin'. The crew of the podcast get sidetracked in a conversation about beagles... It's another trailblazing episode of Keep 'Em Flying - A Firefly Podcast.


Posted: Wednesday June 22, 2016

It's time for a swanky party. Inara's gussied up right pretty and even Mal's looking a tad dapper. Sadly, Inara reckoned without Mal being the chivalropus sort and it's pistols at dawn but with swords. Yes, it's SHINDIG, the fourth episode of FIREFLY and the crew get all riled up by Kaylee's dress. Join Andrew, Bill and Paul for a Fandango of epic proportions.


Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Ain't nothing like a fun time in space but venturin' into Reaver territory leaves Mal and the crew of Serenity a might skittish in BUSHWACKED, episode 3 of FIREFLY. Bill Robinson joins the crew once more and Andrew, Paul and Shawn look deep into the black of space and find that it stares back.

This was Shawn's last episode of Keep 'Em Flying. This and every other episode is dedicated to his memory.


Posted: Wednesday May 25, 2016

There's a train with supplies that need boosting. Mal don't care overmuch what those supplies are - just that his crew need a job. And this podcasting crew of Shawn Engel, Paul Spataro, Bill Robinson and Andrew Leyland need a job too - and that job is talk about THE TRAIN JOB, the first episode of FIREFLY to be aired. What changed between the pilot and this? Does this work as a 2nd pilot? And why can't Shawn synopsis worth a damn? All questions raised and maybe answered in today's episode.


Posted: Wednesday May 11, 2016

It's time for some thrilling heroics as Shawn Engel, Paul Spataro and Andrew Leyland get all high and mighty discussing JOSS WHEDON'S FIREFLY. In this inaugral episode, we watch the pilot SERENITY (not to be confused with the film SERENITY which's we'll watch last!) Listen along as we slowly start to say "ain't" a lot and cuss in Mandarin.


Posted: Tuesday May 10, 2016

Promo for a new podcast looking at Joss Whedon's FIREFLY! Coming tomorrow to Two True Freaks!