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Earning My Ears

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Posted: Friday July 24, 2015

Join the Two True Freaks co-creators, Chris Honeywell and Scott H. Gardner, on an EPIC journey to Long Island, NY, where they meet-up with many other stars from the Two True Freaks Network of Podcast for a li'l event called -- ETERNALCON 2015!!


In this special "on-the-road" episode, Scott plays Tour Guide to a plethora of fellow Two True Freaks podcasters as they explore the remains of the 1964/65 NY World's Fair!!




For Best Results, Put on your Headphones!

As Always, "Earning My Ears" is a family-friendly podcast


Posted: Monday June 29, 2015

Put On Your Headphones and join hosts Scott Ryfun, Scott Gardner, and Special "Star Wars In Character" Guest Star Matt Hunsworth "Live" from Disney's Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends 2015!!



Posted: Friday May 29, 2015

Just in time for Star Wars Weekends!!


Join your hosts, Scott Ryfun and Scott H. Gardner, as they prep for their upcoming trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios by discussing EVERYWHERE you can Feel The Force at Walt Disney World!!

From the Magic Kingdom to EPCOT, from Tatooine Traders to Merchant of Venus ...and Beyond, the guys take you on the audio equivalent of the Kessel Run!


As always, Earning My Ears is Kid-Friendly and Wookiee Approved!


Posted: Sunday April 26, 2015

"Earning My Ears" Is Back!!

Join hosts Scott Ryfun and Scott Gardner for a brand-new, lively, and engaging discussion of their shared passion for all things Walt Disney World!!


First up, the guys play a little "Show and Tell" about what's new for them in the world of Disney since last they spoke! Each has some new acquisitions and they're itching to brag about 'em!

Next, Scott Gardner takes you on an in-depth "trip report" of so many different parks, resorts, restaurants, recreation, and shops he's experienced since last episode that you'll be asking yourself "Doesn't this guy ever work??!!"

And, finally, in our "Tri-Circle" segment -- The Top 3 Things We'd Like To See Brought Back To Walt Disney World For A Limited Engagement!

PLUS -- SPECIAL BONUS -- Plenty of talk about the upcoming film these fellas are most anxiously looking forward to -- TOMORROWLAND!!

NEXT MONTH -- Walt Disney World For The Star Wars Geek!! Don't Miss It!!


Posted: Monday January 26, 2015

After all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, the fellas are just looking to relax a little and so this episode they discuss the Top Places at Walt Disney World, both in and out of the parks, to find some Peace and Quiet.

As always, this program is SAFE FOR LITTLE EARS!


Posted: Tuesday December 23, 2014


well, sorta... you know what we mean!

Join your hosts Scott Ryfun and Scott H. Gardner for a whirlwind tour of Christmas celebrations around the world. The World Showcase, that is! That's right, this month's episode comes to you from INSIDE the parks where the Scotts and their spouses met up to experience the Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World! Along the way, you'll hear exciting stories of how the holidays are celebrated in several different countries and cultures across the globe!

In our "Walt Disney World for Geeks" segment, the subject is... CHRISTMAS! The fellas discuss both celebrating the Christmas season at Walt Disney World, but also where on the property you can find Christmas 365 days a year!

And, in the Tri-Circle segment, the subject is the Top 3 Resorts for the Holidays! Where can you find the BEST Christmas decorations, trees, and spirit? The guys give their opinions!

So, come along and Celebrate the Season with "Earning My Ears"!

As always, this podcast is CHILD FRIENDLY!!

Merry Christmas!


Posted: Thursday December 18, 2014

What is Scott Gardner so excited about?

Find out in this very important (and surprisingly short) special episode!!

As always, this program is SAFE FOR LITTLE EARS!


Posted: Monday November 24, 2014

Join hosts Scott Ryfun (Dinner 4 Geeks, My Star Wars Story) and Scott Gardner (Two True Freaks!, Back To The Bins!) for an exciting, new, fast-paced, family-friendly, and fun look at the Walt Disney World Resort!

In this second episode, the guys lead off the show by discussing their Top 3 Favorite Attraction Theme Songs!

Then it's "Walt Disney World For The RPG/CCG Geek"! What is there to do at the Most Magical Place on Earth if you're a Role-Playing or Collectible Card Playing Gamer? Surprisingly, a lot!!

And, the fellas round out the show with their brand new segment -- I Know Something You Don't Know -- in which they try to stump each other with one fact each about a particular, randomly-selected Walt Disney World topic. For this episode -- Spaceship Earth!!

So join the fun and, as always, this program is SAFE FOR LITTLE EARS!!


Posted: Monday October 27, 2014

Join hosts Scott Ryfun (Dinner 4 Geeks, My Star Wars Story) and Scott Gardner (Two True Freaks!, Back To The Bins!) for an exciting, new, fast-paced, family-friendly, and fun look at the Walt Disney World Resort!

In this first episode, the guys give their Disney origin stories, discuss the "mission statement" of the show, try to answer the question "Why Disney?", name their Top 3 Favorite Attractions, and tell you all about what Walt Disney World offers for the Marvel Comics Geek!

If you're a Disney fan, you'll certainly enjoy the show! However, this show is likewise aimed at the Two True Freaks listener who is not necessarily a Disney fan! So, come along for the ride and see what we find so fascinating about Walt Disney World!