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Growing Up Star Wars

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Posted: Sunday December 6, 2015

After a 6 MONTH HIATUS - THE FREAKS ARE BACK! Unfortunately, Scott Ryfun has to be at Disney World - but SCOTT GARDNER AND CHRIS HONEYWELL are here and they are ready to TALK STAR WARS! This time, you get OVER THREE HOURS OF TALK about STAR WARS EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS!The Freaks go WAY BACK to their THIRD episode and revisit their speculation on WHAT THE THEORETICAL EPISODE 7 would be like - then they launch into how they feel NOW - only DAYS AWAY from the new Star Wars movie!

Strap yourselves in, and AFFIX YOUR DROOL-CUPS- It's gonna be a LONG RIDE!


Posted: Sunday May 3, 2015

In this SPECIAL EDITION of GROWING UP STAR WARS, we get a set of three COUNT 'EM THREE panels from Star Wars Celebration 3 in Anaheim California. INTREPID DIMANZICORP CORRESPONDANT TIM ELLIOT was THERE and brings you a panel on Star WArs MUSIC, a panel on Star Wars COMING HOME TO MARVEL and one on ORIGINAL COMIC ART COLLECTING! It's a JUMBO SIZED 2 1/2 hour show!


Posted: Monday April 6, 2015

Your monthly, nostalgic look back on the Star Wars you remember from your childhood is back with an all-new episode!!

Join your hosts Scott Ryfun (Dinner 4 Geeks, My Star Wars Story, Earning My Ears), Chris Honeywell (Media Masochist, Garage Sale Gloat), and Scott H. Gardner (Tales of the Justice Society of America) as they discuss what's new for them in the world of Star Wars, what they expect will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration, and what's up with Marvel Comics Star Wars. Tangents aplenty and lots of laughs. You don't want to miss this one!!


Posted: Sunday February 1, 2015

Scott Ryfun, Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell are BACK! This month the TATOOINE TRIO get to do something they thought they may never have gotten a chance to do - READ A NEW MARVEL STAR WARS COMIC! That's right - after much hoopla and 40,000 variant covers- Marvel Star Wars #1, the 2015 version - has been released! WARNING - This is NOT a PUFF PIECE - this comic gets the FULL TWO TRUE FREAKS TREATMENT! That means a page by page, panel by panel spoiler filled warts and all appraisal! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! If you are ALLERGIC to FUN and OPINIONS, this episode will make you blow up like a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!Also - Easy Ridin' Luke and Vader, awkward family Skinemax stories that end in Star Wars abuse, a miraculous synchronicity involving Marvel Star Wars #5 (old school), a new Rebels book and CD set and much more! Eat your Space-Wheaties, take your TICKER MEDICINE and settle in for a lively episode!


Posted: Sunday January 4, 2015

Welcome to a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW episode of Growing Up Star Wars! Well, it only took FOUR EPISODES for Scott Gardner, Scott Ryfun and Chris Honeywell to MESS UP THEIR FORMULA! Usually after whipping out their STAR WARS SWAG in "Star Wars Show And Tell", the crew usually gives up a top 3 list and moves on to their main topic. This time THE JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS takes on a life of it's own and takes over the show. The list? TOP 3 FAVORITE MOMENTS IN THE STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITIONS! And YES - they DO find three things each!


Posted: Sunday November 30, 2014

Scott Gardner, Scott Ryfun and Chris Honeywell are joined by the surprisingly easy-to-book Ryan The Toy Geek from DINNER 4 GEEKS! Why The Toy Geek, you ask? Because this month's episode is a trip to SEARS CATALOG HEAVEN! To the land of EXCLUSIVE STAR WARS PLAYSETS! Yes, folks, we're talking BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH!

But first, some awesome e-mails are answered. The arrest of (allegedly) DRUNKEN DARTH VADER is teased - Star Wars SWAG is whipped out - JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS with non-Star Wars Star Wars films are hashed over and Chris and Ryan share a TOMY ROBOT MOMENT!

Did I mention how easy it was to get Ryan The Toy Geek on the show? It was REALLY easy!


Posted: Sunday November 2, 2014

Theyre BACK! Scott Ryfun - Scott Gardner - Chris Honeywell - three FULL GROWN MEN who will prove that they can TALK ABOUT STAR WARS INDEFINITELY! This month a letter sends all three of them RUNNING for their bookshelves to solve the MYSTERY OF THREEPIO'S NAKED HAND! Then the WHIPPING OUT commences with Star Wars Show and Tell followed by a musical Journal Of The Whills! And then - THE MAIN TOPIC - Star Wars Book and Record sets! Meet Hoojibs and have a run-in with that bounty hunter on ORD MANTELL! This is the SECOND SHOW - but it ain't NUMBER TWO!


Posted: Sunday October 5, 2014

Well, after Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell wrapped up Star Wars Monthly and dropped the mic, many have been wondering what would pop up in the FIRST MONDAY VACUUM. Well wonder no more, because it turns out the Freaks are BACK with MORE STAR WARS, except this time they've recruited MEGA PODCASTER SCOTT RYFUN! That's RIGHT - there's 50% MORE OBSESSIVE STAR WARS FANNISHNESS in each episode! Join them for STAR WARS SHOW AND TELL, a top 3 list in THE JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS and then settle back for the MAIN EVENT - STAR WARS TRADING CARDS! THE POODOO IS ABOUT TO GET REAL!